¿Qué se investiga en el IAFE?


I.F. Mirabel, V. Douna & L. Pellizza

The re-ionization of the universe that took place during the first billon years after the Big Bang is one of the major frontiers in cosmology. Until recently, most models of the re-ionization had considered the ultraviolet radiation from the first generations of massive stars as the only important factor in the process of re-ionization of the intergalactic medium. It will be shown that besides the UV radiation of massive stars, feedback from the fossils of those massive stars (X-rays and relativistic jets from i.e. accreting stellar black holes and neutron stars), played an important role determining the early thermal history of the universe and partially ionizing the intergalactic medium over large volumes of space. Feedback from accreting black holes and neutron stars had a direct impact on the properties of the faintest galaxies at high redshifts, the smallest dwarf galaxies in the local universe, and in the solution of a basic problem in the cold dark matter model of the universe.

Este coloquio se llevará a cabo el Miércoles 26/3 a las 14hs en el aula del edificio del IAFE, Ciudad Universitaria.