14/11: Seminario de Gravitación y Campos

Los invitamos a todos este Miercoles 14 de noviembre al «Seminario de Gravitación y Campos». Esta vez nos dará una charla Hideki Maeda del CECS (Valdivia, Chile) y la International Christian University (Tokyo, Japón). La charla será a las 14hs en el IAFE. Los detalles de la charla:

Miercoles 14/11,
14hs en el IAFE.
Hideki Maeda
«Dynamical black holes with symmetry in Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet gravity»

We explore various aspects of dynamical black holes defined by a future
outer trapping horizon in $n(\ge 5)$-dimensional Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet
gravity. In the present paper, we assume that the spacetime has a
symmetry corresponding to the isometry of an $(n-2)$-dimensional
maximally symmetric space and the Gauss-Bonnet coupling constant is non-
negative. Depending on the existence or absence of the general
relativistic limit, solutions are classified into GR and non-GR
branches, respectively. Assuming the null energy condition on matter
fields, we show that a future outer trapping horizon in the GR branch
possesses the same properties as that in general relativity. In
contrast, that in the non-GR branch is shown to be non-spacelike and its
area is non-increasing into the future. We can recognize this peculiar
behavior as a fact that the null energy condition necessarily leads to
the null convergence condition for radial null vectors in the GR branch,
but not in the non-GR branch. The energy balance law yields the first
law of a trapping horizon, from which we can read off the entropy of a
trapping horizon reproducing the Iyer-Wald’s expression. The entropy of
a future outer trapping horizon is shown to be non-decreasing in both
branches along its generator.

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