American Geophysical Union: 2010 The Meeting of the Americas

Place: Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil
Dates: August 8th-13th, 2010
SH07: Solar Eruptions and Interplanetary Consequences
Sponsor: SPA-Solar and Heliospheric Physics
James Chen, Naval Research Laboratory (NRL)
Sergio Dasso, IAFE (UBA-CONICET) and Departamento de Fisica (FCEN-UBA)
Angelos Vourlidas, Naval Research Laboratory (NRL)
Nat Gopalswamy, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA-GSFC)
David Alexander, Rice University, Physics and Astronomy
It is now possible to observe CMEs and flares including initial
CME and flare dynamics, and CME propagation, continuously from
the low solar corona to 1 AU and measure the in situ properties
of the CME ejecta in multiple locations in the heliosphere.
Recent studies show that the initial CME acceleration and the
associated flare energy release could have some physical connection.
Further out in the heliosphere, there is clear evidence of CME
interactions with the ambient medium influencing the dynamics and
morphology of CMEs. These observations constitute a rigorous
challenge to theoretical and numerical models of all aspects
of the CME problem. We solicit submissions discussing observations,
theories, and simulations of CME eruption, propagation,
and associations with other phenomena (e.g., flares,
solar wind streams, etc) in the Sun-Earth heliosphere.
Abstract deadline:
31 March 2010 — 23:59 Eastern Standard Time (EST) or 03:59+1 GMT.
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