Distribution of roots of a random univariate polynomial, relation to questions in Statistical Physics and Number theory

Dr. André Galligó

Professor of Mathematics at University of Nice, France

First: Presentation of Present of old and new facts on the distributions of complex and real roots of some classes of random polynomials, and eigenvalues of some random matrices. Second: Will describe how they can modele phenomena in Statistical Physics, namely the so called persistent exponent of some diffusion process and a Bose-Einstein condensation. Third: will describe the surprising statistical correspondance between the eigenvalues of large unitary matrices and the calculated roots of the Riemann Zeta function. If we have time left, I will discuss related computations and conjectures.

Este coloquio se llevará a cabo el Jueves 29 de Marzo a las 16 hs, en el aula 3 del Pabellón I Ciudad Universitaria-UBA.