DIVING3D – Deep IFS View of Nuclei of Galaxies

Joao E. Steiner

IAG Universidade de Sao Paulo

Galactic nuclei are special regions of galaxies, hosting supermassive black holes and stellar populations that record important aspects of the history of the galaxy formation and evolution. We will present the DIVING3D project, an IFU/GMOS survey of a complete sample of 170 galaxies in the southern hemisphere with B<12.0, δ<0 and |b|>15. Gemini telescope time has been approved in the context of the Brazilian LLP (Long and Large Projects) Program. We expect to achieve 5 scientific goals: a- Nuclear emission line properties. Detect and study the statistical, geometric and physical properties of Low Luminosity AGN: «dwarf» Seyferts and LINERs as well as starburst nuclei. b- Circumnuclear emission line properties. Determine the nature and ionization mechanism as well as the kinematics of the line emitting gas in the ~100 pc scale circumnuclear region. c- Stellar kinematical properties of all nuclei. Mass-to-light ratios will be derived on dynamical basis and compared to those of spectral synthesis and stellar velocity. d- Stellar populations archeology. Study the chemical composition and history of star formation using state-of the-art methods and stellar population models. e – Dust and neutral gas. Study the distribution of these components in the nucleus and circumnuclear region. The project is being observed in 5 sub-samples. I will present the preliminary results of the first sub-sample: The massive Early Type Galaxies.

Esta charla se llevará a cabo el Jueves 9 de Abril a las 14hs en el aula del edificio del IAFE, Ciudad Universitaria.