From the Earth to the Stars: Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, an unique technique in quite different fields of Science

Phd. Gunther KORSCHINEK (1)
Dpto. de Física – Universidad Técnica de Münich

AMS (Accelerator Mass Spectrometry) is an outstanding technique for measuring long-lived radio nuclide. In this presentation I will give an introduction about AMS. After outlining its potentialities in very different fields of science, I shall focus on some studies performed at the tandem accelerator in Munich: e.g. the dosimetry system and the neutron flux from the A-bomb in Hiroshima, but also on a nearby star explosion few million years ago and its footprints on the Earth and on the Moon.

Este seminario se llevará a cabo el Viernes 30 de noviembre a las 14:30 Hs en el Auditorio Emma Perez Ferreira, TANDAR.