Global dimensions for Wess-Zumino-Witten (boundary) conformal field theories

Robert Coquereaux

CPT-Marseille y IMPA- Río de Janeiro

The global dimension of a WZW conformal field theory model is the sum of squares of quantum dimensions of the primary fields. It is a quantum analog of the order of a finite group. This number also possesses an interpretation as the value of a functional integral over S3, associated with the Chern-Simon action for the Lie group G, at level k (a non-negative integer). We shall introduce, for every simple Lie group, a quantum super-factorial function that allows one to express global dimensions in a closed form. Corresponding results for boundary conformal field theories will also be presented.
The purpose of this talk is to present a few introductory concepts and to show how the subject is related to several branches of mathematics and of mathematical physics.

Este seminario se llevara a cabo el  Viernes 2, a las 14 hs en el aula del IAFE.