Post-doc en Física Atómica UltraFría

Applications are invited for postdoctoral positions in ultracold atomic
physics in the AtomChip Group of Dr. Ron Folman at Ben-Gurion University
in Be?er Sheva, Israel:

Our research involves producing, detecting, and manipulating quantum gases
in specially fabricated micro-traps (so-called ?atomchips?), including
Bose-Einstein condensates and fermion degenerate gases. Current projects
include quantum interferometry and decoherence, novel atomchip materials
and configurations (including superconductors), integrated photonics and
molecular wires.

For recent contributions see:

The AtomChip Group and the BGU nano-fabrication facility specialize in developing AtomChip
micro-traps for fundamental physics and for new technological
applications. Our PhD students and post-doctoral fellows are exposed to a
wide range of fundamental theory (see our theory papers) as well as
advanced technology including lasers, optics, electronics, computer
interfaces, and nano-fabrication techniques. Applicants should have
experience in several of these areas; previous experience in cold atoms
will be particularly useful.

The university is located in the middle of the exotic Israeli Negev desert
with fascinating archaeology, geology, landscape and wildlife around. It
is positioned 1.5 hours from Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, 2.5 hours from the
Red Sea, and an hour from both the Mediterranean and the Dead Seas. Its
17,000 student campus is a major center for teaching and research, and is
considered the number one choice of Israelis in terms of social life.
Local sports include cliff climbing, scuba diving, desert hiking and
biking, sky diving, wind surfing, and so on. For those interested in
history, Be’er Sheva was first mentioned in the Bible in Genesis, chapter
21, when Abraham dwelt here nearly 4,000 years ago.

Applications should be received by July 18, 2008. We provide generous
salary and relocation allowances for qualified candidates. Please send
your curriculum vitae (including publication list) and the names and e-
mail addresses of at least three professional references by e-mail to:

Dr. Mark Keil
Department of Physics
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev