Seminario de Física Computacional

Modeling Activities at the National Laboratory of Scientific Computing

Pedro L. Silva Dias
Director – National Laboratory of Scientific Computing – LNCC
Petropolis – BRAZIL

LNCC is one of the institutes of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Brazil. The facilities are located in the city of Petrópolis, State of Rio de Janeiro. LNCC is a reference institution in
Scientific Computing in Brazil. It focuses on High-performance Computing and Computational Modelling in the Sciences and Engineering, providing computing facilities, systems and networking to the National Academic and Research Community, Promoting R&D on
Methodological and Application subjects and offering an innovative graduate program in Computational Modelling. Examples of projects and collaborations (national and international) will be presented.

Jueves 28 de Febrero, 15 hs

Aula Federman – 1er. piso, Pabellon I – Ciudad Universitaria