The Chalonge School 16th Paris Cosmology Colloquium 2012

The New Standard Model of the Universe: Lambda Warm Dark Matter .Theory and Observations

Recently, Warm (keV scale) Dark Matter emerged impressively over CDM (Cold Dark Matter) as the leading Dark Matter candidate. Astronomical evidence that Cold Dark Matter (LambdaCDM) and its proposed tailored cures do not work at small scales is staggering. LambdaWDM solves naturally the problems of LambdaCDM and agrees remarkably well with the observations at small as well as large and cosmological scales. LambdaWDM numerical simulations naturally agree with observations at all scales, in contrast to LambdaCDM simulations which only agree at large scales.
This Colloquium is within the astrofundamental physics spirit of the Chalonge School, focalised on recent observational and theoretical progress in the CMB, dark matter, dark energy, structure formation, and the theory of the early universe inflation with predictive power in the context of the LambdaWDM Standard Model of the Universe. The Colloquium addresses as well the theory and experimental search for the WDM particle physics candidates (keV sterile neutrinos). Astrophysical constraints including Lyman alpha bounds put the sterile neutrino mass m in the range 1< m <13 keV. WDM predictions for EUCLID and PLANCK start to to be available. MARE and an adapted KATRIN experiment could detect a keV sterile neutrino. It will be a fantastic discovery to detect dark matter in a beta decay. A formidable WDM work to perform is ahead of us.

In summary, the aim of the meeting is to put together real data : cosmological, astrophysical, particle, nuclear physics data, and hard theory predictive approach connected to them in the framework of the LambdaWDM Standard Model of the Universe.

Location: Paris, Observatoire de Paris HQ, in the Historic Perrault building.

Start Date: Wednesday 25 July 2012 early morning.

End Date: Friday 27 July 2012, late evening.