Young type interferences using electrons: a complete analogy with photon

François Frémont
Université de Caen, Francia

A few years ago, we demonstrated experimentally that, as predicted by P. Dirac, one electron can interfere with itself. The experiment is based on ion-molecule collisions : A He2+ ion at low energy (30 keV – 8 keV) captures both H2 -target electrons. After the collision, since the projectile is in a doubly excited state, a Auger electron is emitted and scatters on both H2 protons. The interference manifests itself in the presence of ocillations in the angular distribution of Auger electrons. We will present in details recent results, showing a complete analogy between photon and electron interferences. Of course, due to the fact that the interactions that are involved are different in nature, we will also point out the differences.

Este coloquio se llevara a cabo el miercoles 14 de diciembre 2011, a las 14hs en el Aula del Edificio IAFE.