postdoctoral positions in ultrafast dynamics in nanomaterials

We have two openings for postdoctoral fellows in the area ultrafast dynamics
in photovoltaic Nanomaterials. Our research in focused on interfacial charge
transfer processes in photovoltaic and photocatalytic nano-materials and at
solid/liquid interfaces. Nanomaterials of interest include semiconductor
(TiO2, CdSe..) and metal (Au and Ag) nanoparticles, thin films, and
nanocomposites. We also investigate charge transfer dynamics on bulk single
crystal surfaces and at single molecule/nanoparticle level to provide
further insight as well as to facilitate comparison with theoretical
studies. We are employing three spectroscopic methods to examine these
dynamics: 1) pump-probe transient absorption spectroscopy in the visible and
infrared in nanomaterials; 2) Second Harmonic and vibrational sum frequency
generation spectroscopy on single crystal surfaces; and 3) single
molecule/particle fluorescence spectroscopy.

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