Place: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dates: August 11th-16th, 2008

Scientific rationale:
Fluid dynamics is a broad and interdisciplinary field, with
applications that touch almost every aspect of our daily lives.
Because of the complexity of the subject and its many applications,
it is also challenging and exciting. The aim of this School is to
present an introduction to its principles, and to discuss some of
its applications in atmospheric, geophysical, astrophysical, and
laboratory flows. Recent developments in each area will also be
discussed, to find common interests and problems, and to encourage
young scientists and students to go into this exciting field of
The School is intended primarily for graduate students of physics
and other disciplines related to the field of fluid dynamics,
although advanced undergrad students and postdocs are also
encouraged to participate. A satellite workshop on «New Perspectives
in Turbulence» will be held on the same dates. Time will be
available for discussions of posters and for short conferences.

Topics and invited speakers:

The School will be organized around six short courses of five hours
each, taught by internationally renowned experts. The topics and
lecturers are (titles of the courses to be confirmed):

Turbulent flows (Annick Pouquet, NCAR, USA)
Turbulence modeling (Charles Meneveau, Johns Hopkins Univ, USA)
Atmospheric flows (Joseph Tribbia, NCAR, USA)
Laboratory flows (Jose Wesfreid, ESPCI Paris, France)
Flows in space (William Matthaeus, Bartol Research Inst., USA)
Relativistic flows (Swadesh Mahajan, Univ. of Texas at Austin, USA)

About Giambiagi Schools:

The Giambiagi Winter School is organized by the Physics Department
of the School of Exact and Natural Sciences, University of Buenos
Aires. Each year the School is devoted to a different topic, and
its main purpose is to bring together world specialists with graduate
students and young researchers. Partial financial assistance will
be provided to support a limited number of students from Latin America.

Organizing Committee:
Sergio Dasso, Pablo Dmitruk, Daniel Gomez, Pablo Minini, and
Fernando Minotti.


15 Feb 2008: Pre-registration
28 Mar 2008: Registration (for students asking for financial support)
30 Apr 2008: Registration (no financial support)

Financial support and registration fees:

There are no registration fees to attend to the School or to the
satellite workshop. Partial financial support will be available
for a limited number of students from Argentina and Latin America.

More information:

For information about Buenos Aires and more details about the
School, please visit the URL below.

URL: http://giambiagi.df.uba.ar

E-mail: giambiagi [arroba] df.uba.ar