Post doc: laser diagnostics

Fecha de anuncio: 21/9/07
Empleador – Ubicación: Institute of Combustion Technology (German Aerospace Center, DLR)

Applications are invited for a postdoc position in our laser diagnostics
group in the Institute of Combustion Technology (German Aerospace
Center, DLR), dealing with experimental studies of combustion processes
using oxyfuels. The research is devoted to understand processes inside
future gas turbine combustors. The position is immediately vacant and is
available for 3 years. The salary is based on German standards.

Our group of 10-15 scientists works on the field of laser diagnostics in
combustion and develops, adapts and applies various laser based
techniques as coherent ante-Stokes Raman scattering, Raman,
laser-induced fluorescence or – incandescence and has an international
scientific reputation. We are an international team of complementary

The scientific tasks of the applicants will be: (1) application of laser
diagnostics to CO2 enhanced natural gas high pressure flames under gas
turbine specific conditions; (2) perform the required adaptation of the
diagnostics, focusing on laser Raman scattering and laser-induced
fluorescence; (3) characterization of the combustion behaviour of the
mentioned type of flames to generate a data basis that can be used for
validation of combustion models.

Activities are typically performed in close cooperation with colleagues
of the own diagnostics group (laser spectroscopists) and with colleagues
in the field of combustion simulation and chemical kinetics (chemists,

Qualifications required:

(1) You should have substantial experimental experience in laser
diagnostics and molecular spectroscopy, preferably PhD in this field

(2) You should be able to manage a research project.

(3) You should have practical experience in combustion and should be
interested in a deeper understanding of the processes behind.

(3) Fluent English.

(4) You should have experience in programming languages for hardware
communication, data acquisition and data analyses.

Further information is available in our internet presence at

(official job offer, German)

(group homepage, German)